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Author Topic: Arcade 1up - Pac-Man 10-1 MOD using Plug and Play - Gen 1 Pac-man  (Read 389 times)

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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
Video of gameplay for all games:

Arcade 1up - Hybrid system
arcade 1up - 10-1 HDMI plug and play - Pac-Man

Goal - Use it in 3/4 Stand up Pac-Man GEN 1

Time to completion, about 1 hour.

Now, I can switch easily back and forth with this 10-1
featuring many exclusive games, that are usually on the
partycade, and a few that haven't even been on any standup.

Additionally, i could swap out with Atgames blast, but it
only has wireless controls.

Difficulty level of Mod : Beginner.

Reuse    - Arcade 1up plug and play unit

Controls - Superior USB Joystick over wireless gamepad

Graphics - Using LDVS adapter - can control Brightness,
           Contrast, Gamma

Aspect ratio - 4:3, fullscreen, zoom

Volume  - Full 0-100 internal, and external volume
        - Stereo Sound

Price - Much cheaper than getting a partycade

Simplicity - No drilling, soldering needed, only unscrewing
             a few screws.

games: Comparison with Atgames Arcade Blast
and Arcade 1up Pac-man 8-1 Partycade
Namco Arcade Blast
Pac-Man                 - on 8-1
Galaga                  - on 8-1
Galaxian                - on 8-1, standup
Dig Dug                 - on 8-1, standup
Mappy                   - on 8-1, standup
Pacmania                - on 8-1, standup
New Rally-X             - on A1up HDMI
Sky Kid                 - Exclusive
Tower of Druaga         - Exclusive
Xevious                 - Exclusive

Arcade 1up pac-man HDMI
Pac-Man                 - on 8-1, standup, Namco Blast
Galaga                  - on 8-1, standup, Namco Blast
Dig Dug                 - on 8-1, standup, Namco Blast
mappy                   - on 8-1, Namco Blast
Pac-Mania               - on standup, Namco Blast
New rally-x             - Namco Blast
Galaga 88               - Exclusive
rolling thunder         - Exclusive
super xevious           - Exclusive
Dragon Spirit           - Exclusive

Quick and Easy 10-1 Mod to Arcade 1up
I had the Pac-Man Gen 1 3/4 cabinet.

parts needed
LDVS HDMI adapter
USB Joystick (Used Mayflash arcade stick)
External Stereo Speakers
Various HDMI,USB cables
Power adapter for LDVS
Power adapter for Pac-Man plug n play

$20 LDVS adapter
$50 USB Joystick
$50 Pac-Man plug and play

Steps and Disassembly
A) You only need to loosen the screws on the size
holding the marquee an top parts in.

B) Also you only need to remove the 8 screws on the
brackets inside holding the monitor and bezel.

Rotate the bezel with monitor attached
1) I did not fix my cabinet completely, when rotating the monitor.
To do it properly you should get a proper horizontal bezel. I just
rotated mine, in the slot, and used the screws, and the control
panel to keep it together.

If you try to force it, you will notice it is about 2 inches wider
than it needs to fit. Also the top panels and marquee will not
stay in place either.

Attach the LDVS adapter
A) Remove the Arcade 1up connectors from the back of the
monitor, the only connector you need will go into the
video adapter.

B) Plug in power to the adapter

C) Plug in HDMI cable from Plug n play

D) Adjust video

E) Plug in audio cable for sound into adapter

F) Power up Plug and play

Close up back of the cabinet.

At this point you can use the wireless controller.

I have plugged in a USB joystick.

At some point you can get a USB adapter mounted into
the control panel, and add all the buttons also.


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