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Well some time has passed.. but it's time to put this thread to pasture. After waiting 3/4 a year for the art work to come in from Szabos Arcade, it finally arrived this past weekend.  :) I put in the interest request in December. He was so busy and backed up I wasn't issued a invoice until MAY! I paid in full for the side art, marquee, control panel housing art, and finally a custom reverse printed lexan control panel with a custom run button addition. Finally it was time to continue.

This thing has been sitting in my garage taking up all sorts of room since December. I almost forgot what assortment of screws even went to it!

Installed MK1 in the side panel. MK2-4 will go on the other walls. Wanting to build some kind of cleaner solution for storing the boards in here but for now this will do. Eventually gonna get the riddledtv jamma switcher but have mk3 wired for now.

Szabos work is worth the wait. Amazing work! Mostly painless install except I did the first side myself and that was a huge mistake. Was able to recover with only a slightly off artwork towards the bottom. Some light trimming and painting with red paint pen took care of it. The t molding covers it nicely. The other side I had help but somehow that was more trouble than doing it alone!?

Reverse printed artwork on lexan, this stuff is stronger than it looks. Thankfully because I swear it should be cracked after a couple times I manhandled it. New buttons and sticks, but I have so many micro switches laying around I just used those and they seem fine. He did a great job with the run button, looks like it should be stock!

Finally added the t molding.... after more than 3/4 a year from pickup, it has come together today!

Monitor looks good after recap and small adjustment. There is a faint throb in the screen, might have to adjust the flyback, hopefully it's nothing serious. You don't notice it unless you look for it. The degauss function isnt catching the entire screen, so I'll need to buy a degauss wand I guess.

Last bits to work out is one of the coin door lights is out, and the jamma switcher.

Loving this thing, looks so good I stop to admire her every time I walk past it. My GF seems to be getting annoyed I'm calling this thing "beautiful" more than I do her  :lol

Fantastic restore!  Great job. I'm sure your wife is beautiful too, but this is also BEAUTIFUL!  :cheers:

Mike A:
The original Mortal Kombat movie theme song just keeps repeating in my head.

Wow great job, looks awesome.

Wow what a nice restoration.  I forgot about Run - was that originally a double tap in the direction you wanted to go?  Your CP looks great with that extra button. 

I used to love fighting games back in the day but haven't really played in ages but this brings me back...  I was on a date with my now wife and we were at the movies and they had a MKII machine so we played for a while - the game was really popular so there were a few people around us watching.  Anyway, my wife just mashed the buttons with Mileena and beat me as I was trying to pull off actual moves but that's not even the worst part - she actually did a Fatality on me in front of the crowd because if I remember correctly all you have to do is tap one of the punch buttons 3x while standing a few feet away form the opponent.  She did it randomly without knowing anything.  The place went nuts and 25+ years later I still haven't lived it down.   :cheers:


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