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I sold a few more games and had some space in the shop so brought a few more in, thought some of you guys might find this curious too, I have a couple Enduro Racers around here, but this one did work years ago, now ya, got some issues, it coins up, but won't add credit If that makes sence...Off the top of my head I am wondering if Sega diddnt have some built in kill switch in the code, and thats my next move on that, Big ugly boardset going to be worked, and reverse engineered, Disassembly is not a fast or easy project, and my code skills border on sucks, So give it a shot anyway, just thought some of you may be curious... None of these games have even had fingerprints on them for decades...So before some of you guys start in with the "Old worthless junk" or whatever, Stop and consider, these games are new projects, not trailer queens.

Here is one you dont see every day, It may be a conversion, I got to look a little closer, it does seem to be the same style cabinet as a Did Dug however.

And a nasty old Spy Hunter, Jenn has had quite a few of those over the years and even parted out some, but hopefully I still have enough parts, and NOS left over somewhere around here to make this one nice.

This one Jenn restored years ago, my very first one in fact (still got it) It was just an empty shell when I got it, The BOAC is down in storage, and the amp needs rebuild, But it is complete and even still works, It needs some attention again however.

The inside if anyone is curious...Everything had to be sourced, because like I said earlier it was nothing more than a garbage can when I found it, but now it has parts off 3 parted out machines, 8 different credit units, and the remote volume controls...The amps are kinda spendy, and only got 1 spare however.


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