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Enterprise refit and assorted other shenanigans

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If this keeps up you should consider letting your guests sign your workshop space. Getting those two guys out there deserves to be memorialized. This is big!

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Mike A:
There is something in the works.

Mike A:
This past weekend Arroyo and Bperkins01 stayed at Alpha Centuri for the weekend. Thursday through Sunday. Bperkins01 left on Monday morning.

We plowed through a ton of work and had a blast.

We made progress on the Indy 500. The FFB is still being a bastard, but we are closer to an answer.

We had a lot of fun racing.

My local friend's son is the biggest trash talker.

He loved giving Arroyo a bunch of ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---.

Mike A:
The main focus of the weekend was to make progress on my Star Trek Captain's Chair restoration.

Lots of sanding, filling, more sanding, paint stripping, more sanding.

Then it was on to priming, and painting some stuff and applying laminate to other parts.

The rubber mats are cut for the floor. I am just working out how I want to trim around the edges of the floor.

Some idiot MAMEd this cab. He had speakers and an LCD where the CRT should be.

How do you like the custom nerd shirts I had made for the guys?

Mike A:
Still more pics.

Mike A ---fouled up beyond all recognition--- up. Good thing it wasn't in the part we were using. THe tape was to keep it from tearing further.

A big router table is really handy for trimming large panels.


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