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Mala 'Game Starting' window.


Ropi Jo:
When I launch a game through mala I get a window that shows 'Game Starting'. When I escape from the game I momentarily see the window again.

I thought it was a mame setting but it can't be as I don't get this window when starting games directly from mame.

Is this something I can disable? I checked what I could and found nothing. Or is it something in the layout editor that needs changing?


DaOld Man:
I dont see anyway to diasble the game starting box, but you can substitute it for a different picture, which you can create yourself, or use one already created.
The picture can be gif, jpeg, png, etc.
Just pick the picture you wish to use and remember where it is stored on your hard drive.
In mala:
Options-Configuration/GUI/Game start/quit
Check "use full screen starting picture instead of starting window".
Then browse to where your picture is stored, and choose it.
You can select pics for horizontal and vertical orientations.
 I havent tried it but if you make a picture with nothing but a black or white background, maybe this will do what you want?

Ropi Jo:
Thanks again Old Man.

TBH it's not a real issue. Just thought it may be a case of ticking a box.

Looking forward to possibly grabbing a few hours over the weekend to move the cab on a little.

Too much to do. Too little time.  :blah: :blah: :blah:


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