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Arcade 1up - Pinball, Star Wars with haptic Feedback

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WIll use the ZEN pinball FX tables, 10 per cabinet. NO release date yet:


Not directed at Arcade1up, but in virtual pinball all together


--- Quote from: leapinlew on October 09, 2020, 04:19:52 pm ---Not directed at Arcade1up, but in virtual pinball all together

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only rich people can afford the 10k-15k real machines.

even the home versions are 5k-10k.

so spending $500-$1000 is the easiest and best way to get these pinballs
machines in their arcade.


I wonder if those pinball owners know they are rich?

The secret to pinball ownership is realizing that real pins don't lose their value very quickly, so there is a lot of trading and reselling among collectors, usually for full or nearly full value. You might have 3k-12K invested in a table, but you know that you should be able to get most of that money back out of the table, assuming that you take good care of it.

For virtual, I do like VpinballX, but I don't like Zen or the other PC based virtual tables. They just don't make fun tables or have good physics. Pinball Arcade is okay. Physics aren't the best, not as good as Visual Pinball, but better than Zen or FX tables, and Pinball Arcade at least has proven table designs with decent instructions/tutorials included.


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