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ultrapin computer replacement


My work got an ultrapin for a song because the computer crapped out and the place was covidclosin. just a harddrive issue, but no system restore disks.

from what I've heard the system is borderline trash with lag anyways.

heard the system basically runs Visual pinball 6 or something and a frontend... but stuff i've found on the interwebs is 3+ years old... and nobody concludes swapping the hardware or anything...

but not having ever played an ultrapin or messed around with the hardware... anybody know if i just went ahead and dropped a new computer in there (I5 or something with a 900 series videocard.... and doing VPX if the IO hardware should just work or is there some custom BS going on?

I'd like to retain coin operation and whatever features it's supposed to have... but if it's going to be a total PITA, I may as well just get a set of install disks from GVR and flip it.

anybody dick around with one of these?

think i might just spring for a set of restore disks (unless someone has an ISO they could upload.) and flip this thing and get it out of here. its' not something we are interested in routing...and getting a decent computer to VPX it, is going to cost more than we paid for it.


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