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Use RCPS3 Move Games with Lightgun using scripts

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Smarter people than me figured out AHK scripts to let you be able to play RCPS3 games like Time Crisis Razing Storm with your Lightgun. Since we were derailing a little bit from Demulshooter and since this doesn't involve Demulshooter I decided to make a seperate thread. Here is where most of the discussion has been on this page,149714.msg1722002.html#msg1722002

First go to RPCS3 Configuration > Input/Output and set the following.

Keyboard Handler: Null
Mouse Handler: Null
Camera Input: PS Eye
Camera Settings: Fake
Move Handler: Mouse

You won't have to change any settings in Gamepad. Everything else you will do will be on AHK.

Here is my ahk script that I just made from others who are smarter than me.

--- Code: ---#SingleInstance Force
run rpcs3.exe Enter_Full_Path_to_EBOOT.BIN_or_.self

    MouseGetPos, , , win
    maxWindow("ahk_id" win)

maxWindow(title) {
    WinMove, % title, , 0, 0, % A_ScreenWidth, % A_ScreenHeight
    WinActivate, % title
    WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, % title
    WinSet, Style, -0x40000, % title
    WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, Off, % title

Send {RButton Down}
Send {MButton Down}
Send {LButton Down}
Sleep, 60
Send {LButton Up}
Send {MButton Up}
Send {RButton Up}

send {RButton Down}
send {MButton Down}

    Send !{f4}
    Run,taskkill /im "rpcs3.exe" /F

--- End code ---

Various Notes:
*This is using a Lightgun as a mouse so I don't guarantee it will work with DolphinBar or others that don't use mouse.

*The script is now working with keyboard shotcuts after calibration you can hit a then c on keyboard after you calibrate your gun and it will continue past that screen.

*I have my script run from rpcs3 location. If you make your script elsewhere you will have to add location to rpcs3 folder to the script

*This script is setup for Time Crisis Razing Storm. If you want to play other PS3 Move game the only change is you change BLUS30528 to BLUS**** or BLES***** and change the location if different.

*You can also install PKGs (PSN Games) too and they will work just point the script to the pkg after you installed it it's in dev_hdd0/game. I tested this with Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles and Umbrella Chronicles, both worked.

For fullscreen to work with a calibrated gun, the only way I'm aware of is using an app called WindowedBorderlessGaming. You can get it here

*You will need to go into RPCS3 > Configuration > Emulator > Game Window Title > Edit: Remove everything except %T. Apply and Save.

*WindowedBorderlessGaming will be running in the bottom right corner of your computer, run the game not fullscreen, right click on WindowedBorderlessGaming and choose Add Window (F3) Go to the Game and hit F3. It should go fullscreen and continue to be fullscreen in the future. (make sure WindowedBorderlessGaming runs at startup)

*You can change resolution in WindowedBorderlessGaming by right clicking > settings > game settings and make the changes you wish there. 

I take no credit for this just passing the info along. Any questions feel free to reply and I will try to help.

Awesome! I've been wanting to play those ps3 lightgun games for a while.
Thanks for sharing it with us!  :cheers:

I just want to make it clear again I didn't create any of this nor am I taking any credit. Just passing info along from the Demulshooter thread as we were derailing it and other people who figured out the scripts to make it work who were not me.

In case someone the script i posted make sure you close it after you are done running the game because it will effect a few of your keyboard keys if you don't. I thought with ExitApp in the script it would close when RPCS3 closes but it doesn't for me.

For the graphic bug you show in the picture, In GPU Additional settings,  check Write color Buffers.


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