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Original gameboy backlight mod

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"Please consider whether it is really necessary."

Wow! I've never seen a message like that on an ordering page, pandemic or not.

Good luck with your mod.

New screen is awesome, very pleased with it.  You can change the color palette and brightness very easily.  Has a “pixel mode” you can toggle.

My EZ Flash Jr arrived today and also works great.  No idea if this is legit or a clone but it’s on the newest firmware so eh.

Pics related.

Pixel mode off and on

That is really cool man. I have a Gameboy where the screen is starting to get finicky. I never knew there were all of these upgrade/replacement options until you started this thread. I prefer the pixel style, but it's pretty cool seeing it all smooth.

I did a mod may years ago to the Gameboy Advance (wide) to add low-power front-light kit from some dude making them and selling them from his house... became Trident Solutions or something. All of these years later, I still think it's awesome. My old eyes and body are getting to the point I just can't handle finding some bright spot to angle the Gameboy into so that I can play.

Just ordered that same screen kit from funnyplaying. Can't wait to get it here.


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