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Original gameboy backlight mod

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Everything that could go wrong during this process went wrong but I've got a backlit and biverted gameboy now. I got to play it for 10 minutes before a horizontal line appeared. I'll kiss it with my heat gun and see what happens, I guess. Still have a bunch of adhesive on the glass that I can't dissolve to save my life.

Yep, well, heat gun didnít do anything good and I got more horizontal lines while man handling the LCD.  Then I thought, hey, maybe if Iím quick with the soldering iron I can give it a quick pass with that.

Do not do that, the horizontal lines ribbon cable instantly melts.  And I mean instantly.  Which is surprising given how forgiving the vertical line cable is. 

Iíve come to terms with it.  My EZ Flash Jr is already on its way so Iím in pretty deep already.  Whatís the harm in an IPS LCD at this point.

Stay tuned?


Good call.  The ribbon cables from nintendo were ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- in that era.... I've got a melted virtual boy cable to prove it.  You'd think somebody would make replacement cables at this point made out of better stuff as they'd probably make a small fortune. 

My mistake was watching the YouTube video showing horizontal line repair on mute and only watching it long enough to see his method.  That ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- doesnít work and he only claims a 40% success rate.  The thought is nice.  I console myself but saying that the screen was just going to get worse every time I sneezed on it.

Anyway, I ordered one of these.  Itís the newest replacement screen.  Most pointless purchase Iíve made in awhile but eh.  Not like I can buy flights at a brewery anymore.

And now we wait...

that's a good looking kit  :D


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