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Mala artwork help!


Hello all. I've spent all day on this. Its probably very easy to do but i cant for the life of me figure it out!

On my Mala layout i would like to display an image (console logo) when browsing the games for a particular emulator.

please see the image below (very rough) for an idea of what i am trying to achieve.

i have the logos saved as jpegs.

so when i select 'n64' from the emulator menu, the n64 logo will be displayed in the designated box, etc etc.

thank you in advance.

If it were me, I think I would just use one of the Definable fields based upon the Rom,  browse to a path that has an image of the console logo for each rom with the same name as the rom.  This can be tedious to initially set up if you have a lot of roms and done manually, but you could create a batch file that creates the images for each rom automatically.  Then of course, use the new definable field in your layout...


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