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I have a home JVL Retro that I have used successfully for the last six years. Yesterday when I booted it up, I got the “file system corrupted” message and prompt to restore to factory settings by pushing the setup button. I did so, it seemed to factory reboot fine. Normal start game screen came up. I was able to insert quarters for credits, but the touch screen did not respond to any of my touches. After searching this forum, it seems that the solution might be replacing the io battery by soldering on a new one, but no one else mentioned having touch screen issue on the forum to go with the dead battery, so I thought I would post and get some informed opinions. Will a dead io battery cause a touchscreen not to work as well? Could it be another issue? I believe I am running itouch10. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Seems like a software problem. I think it's too big of a coincidence you're receiving filesystem corruption messages and your Touchscreen dies at the same time.  I'd try a reinstall and possibly a different CF card

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Thanks for the advice. Sadly, as an inexperienced home user, I don’t know how to reinstall software or switch the cf card. Any directions would be appreciated (I know it’s never a joy to help the uninformed - but maybe there is a saint out there).

Its quite the challenge to get to the CF card. You will have to remove the coin box, coin mech, coin mech housing, then its still a pain to get the computer unit out because you have to disconnect all the wiring going into it. Then you have to remove the motherboard out of the computer unit housing to get to the CF card.

Im sure once you get that far, someone might upload a image you can write to the CF card (make sure you have a CF card reader to connect it to your computer)Good luck.

Thanks! I have removed the coin mech, and the coin mech housing. Where is the computer unit housing? Is it the smaller metal box on the right that has a USB port that is attached to the larger metal box? I have removed the bottom three harnesses , but I can’t reach the wires behind or get the metal box loose. Advice?


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