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Does anyone have any experience of seting up light guns in MAME.

I am using MAME64. I have everything set up and working with only one issue.

The game that I am using (Carnevil) is in 4:3 which is fine. My windows display/monitor runs in 16:9. This seems to cause the aim to be off because windows sees the edge of the screen at the actual edgs whereas MAME has a smaller window - so the closer you are to the edge of the screen, the more the aim is off.

I know that I could configure the Aimtrak for 4:3 but that would mean it was off for other games.

Does anyone know how to fix that?


Yeah as you guessed, in 4:3 the mouse horizontal moving range doesn't match the 16:9 calibration, so the gun system needs to have a 4:3 content mode to compensate.
Doesn't the aimtrak have a this kind of mode?
If not, I think you will either have to play fullscreen or recalibrate every time.
The other solution I can think of is making mame using only 4:3 for the video zone but keeping 16:9 mouse range.
Not sure it's possible since it would require mame to process the black borders as part of the input video.

Thanks JayBee,

Yeah, I think the aimtrak does have a 4:3 mode but Iím trying to get everything integrated into one front end and everything else is 16:9

Do you know how to force name to display full screen in 16:9?

Yes, disabling keep_aspect should do it.
You may also need to tweak unevenstretch.

Doesn't calibrating in the games service menu correct for this?
(only moving the gun around the 4:3 window when calibrating)


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