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Setting up Mame / Mala with rotating CRT (Mrotate4)

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Ropi Jo:
Setting up Mame / Mala with rotating CRT

Hi. Please can I ask the simplest way of going about this?

My set up is as follows...

Mame 220

Mala 174

Win7 64

Semi auto rotating CRT.

The CRT rotates electrically with a one touch button. Touch the other button and it rotates back again. Once rotation starts both buttons are locked out until the rotation finishes. If power is cut during rotation then on re-powering either button can be activated to rotate to H or V. I want to keep it this way rather than have a prog control the rotation.

But what I also want is for Mala to stay in the rotated state of the last game played.

So, for example, if I am H, and I scroll through the Mala games list, and pick a V game, I want Mala to change the game to V, and I'll rotate the CRT with the button. When I exit that game I don't want Mala to go back to H. If I then select a H game, obviously I want Mala to give me the game in H, and I'll hit the button and rotate the CRT to H. When I exit that game I want Mala to stay H, and so on........

Can somebody please point me to where and what I set for this?

Thank you.

While I cant help you on this question, Id be very interested to see your setup.  Got pics, or even better, video?

Ropi Jo:
Hi. Thanks for your interest.

The build is almost complete (apart from some of the extra CPs I'm planning). I just need to get the software finalised and I will put a vid on here showing the rotation.

Ropi Jo:
I thought this would be an easy one for somebody that's done it before who would say "Just set This to That and That to This".

I know it's a do-able task as I've seen in Youtube vids where Mala stays V when exiting a V game and stays H when exiting a H game, but with a prog (possibly Mrotate) doing the rotate, and possibly telling Mala what orientation to use.


--- Quote from: Ropi Jo on June 22, 2020, 04:25:44 am ---I thought this would be an easy one for somebody that's done it before

--- End quote ---

Id reach out to Da Old Man.  He created mrotate and has helped with many rotation projects in the past. Looks like he hasnt logged in since April 28th.  Perhaps sending him a PM might cause him to respond.


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