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New: ArcadeJoySwitch. Change joysticks from 4way/8way via ARDUINO servo


Floor keukens:
The ArcadeJoySwitch is a windows tool that takes care of settings the servo positions of your joysticks into the correct position for each game that you start from your frontend. The ArcadeJoySwitch tool has a plugin that is copied into the AttractMode Frontend plugins folder, but it can be used more generic.
The tool gathers all required joystick information from a MAME executable and converts it into a database. The ArcadeJoySwitch AttractMode plugin is executed before a games is started and sends the game name to the executable Main.exe. This executable matches the game name with the database to determine if the games used 4 or 8 way joystick directions. The joystick mode is send via a USB cable to a connected ARDUINO and converted to a led signal and a servo setting.
The software and tutorial videos can be found here: >> ArcadeJoySwitch

Have a look and let me know what you think.

DaOld Man:
Sounds good, I will try to test it soon.


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