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It's been a long time since I logged in or posted here.

So... I built a few Mame machines a couple of years ago (at least 10 years ago). They have been working flawlessly forever, using Windows 7 and Mala. A couple of weeks ago I powered on one and it went poof (probably the caps dried up after all these years).

Rather than buying an old computer and trying to find a Windows 7 disc. I was wondering about upgrading the computer (Windows 10, which I have laying around) and the new version of Mame 220 (which I have). I see Mala is no longer being updated, sad because in my honest opion it was the best and easiest frontend out there. It also supported the LED Wiz, which it sems like no real frontend supports anymore. The LED Wiz is my main reason for posting this post.

Can the last version of Mala still be used with Windows 10 and the newest version 220 of Mame?

Sorry if these questions have been answered already in seperate posts. Many thanks for any responses or advice.

The mame.xml file changed in Mame version v.162.   The thread linked below details how to modify new versions of mame.xml using find and replace so that it works in Mala.  It's not very complicated.


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