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Is the "home" arcade market going to grow?


Noting the footnotes are the end of a interview with starROM's founder I noticed this "Keith Schengili-Roberts is currently co-authoring a book called

Well for something to grow it must first exist.  Right now we have a couple of fledgling company's like starroms who are just now starting to break even, a handful of "home companys" like ultimarc who basically do it just as a hobby and for some pocket change and established companys like hanho and actlabs, who are doing this as a test and get their primary income in other areas.  

In other words, there isn't a market YET.  Regarding the other book, it's a blatent attempt to cash in on saint's website and book... just look at the title.  I hope saint's marketing monkeys make sure to advertise his book as the "real" book from the person who actually helped to establish the community as opposed to some guy who just wanted to cash in on the upcoming wave.  

No problem  :)


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