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ZapCOnline2020 - This Saturday!

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For those that can't make it, I can look into hosting the Meetup on my YouTube channel. That way people can join the chat without having to fuss with webcams.

Yots if you're available on Tues or Thu of this week we can do some tests with Zoom. Anyone know if Zoom is free now?  I think it limits the number of simultaneous people or something. Not sure.



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Bro, Im pretty much free every day.... ;)

Mike A:
My son uses discord. It is free.

He doesn't understand why people are using Zoom.

It is also more flexible.

Mike A:
He also said you can participate on Zoom and Discord without a webcam if you want to.

Maybe old people shouldn't be running this.

Personally, Id want all participants on a webcam so we can see each other. Otherwise, Id just text yall.


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