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ZapCOnline2020 - This Saturday!

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Hey all, gone nuts yet? Missing that bro-to-Bro circlejerky contact? Bemeoaning the fact your ZapCon vacation got cancelled this year?

Well, join me from the Casa de Yots gameroom, DeLuSioNaL29 from DeLuSioNal’s Arcade, MikeA from the Alpha Centauri gameroom and PBJ from his Couch Filled With Farts for ZapCOnline2020!

Basically, bring your webcam and favorite brew and join us in a Zoom hangout for an hour or so just to chat, shoot the breeze, and maybe get a virtual tour of everyone’s setup as well as see some new products in the world of arcade innovation!

We’re thinking 8 PM Central this Saturday (which would have been the first day of ZapCon), for an hour or so!

I’ll post more details later, but I wanted to gauge interest. Post here if you think you’re interested!

Shoutout to Jimmah for proposing this! I think it will be fun. Let us know!

Mike A:
So what kind of webcam should I get?


--- Quote from: Mike A on April 19, 2020, 07:46:32 pm ---So what kind of webcam should I get?

--- End quote ---
One like the one you used to use when you did that sexy webcam stuff to pay for the CNC.

Nevermind, that was PBJ

I'm in.



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