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What's the best way to get Coinco return bezels?

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Hi, everyone.

I'm doing a semi-authentic restoration of an upright Tempest. It has a Coinco coin door, missing the return bezels and return flaps. I don't need metal. Plastic is fine. What's the best way to get these parts?

I bought what I thought would work, but it was Wells Gardner and didn't work. It seems like the online stores don't show photos of the backs of the bezels, making visual identification difficult. I don't want to order the wrong thing again.

Does anyone know a good source for these? Used or reproduction is fine.


Mike A:
Try here:

Thank you, Mike! I just emailed the Boneyard to see if they can help me find the right parts.  Just from appearances, they don't have the exact item on their site, but I'm hoping they'll have something and stock that I did not see, or that they'll have something that's compatible. Thanks again.

Mike A:
You can also try

If that doesn't work you could start a thread over at

Thanks, Mike. Maybe I'll email TwistedQuarter. I think it's good for me to not trust anything I see on a web site. There are too many varieties, so it's better for me to ask before I buy. So I think I'll do that. Thank you!

And KLOV... It's a pay to play forum, apparently, unless you have a friend to recommend you. So it would be a $2 donation in order to start posting, and I just haven't gotten up the nerve to put up the cash yet. :-) Funny how I spend way too much money in some things, and I'm way too cheap in other things. $2 for quality information is a great deal. I should just donate the two bucks and be done with it.


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