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Is it possible to goto a bat or cmd file from other emulators.

I want to be able to say in a bat/cmd file
if %1=rom name then condition?

for some reason i cant get the variable to recognise anything from the command line in other emus...

The only time I have done so is from the mame command line as in SGTs multiple mame workaround and not from other emus as i cant seem to work out how, or am I missing a trick here???

Thanks in advance.. :badmood:

@thatgammon - I know this is an old question, but better late than never?

If understand you correctly, you want to use the Other Emu Config in Mala to launch a batch file and have Mala pass the rom name to the batch file so you can use an "if %1" statement to perform some logic based upon the rom name.

I just ran a quick test, and it appears Mala can do this with no problem.  Its working for me, so feel free to respond and we can troubleshoot why its not working for you.


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