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Author Topic: MALA & Retroarch... HELP EDIT - Help with code Please  (Read 5425 times)

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MALA & Retroarch... HELP EDIT - Help with code Please
« on: March 30, 2020, 07:06:30 am »
Hey guys been a while...
So with this lockdown im back on my FE building..

Im trying to use Retroarch with MALA.

Have read a thread on here regarding Maximus but havent got my head round it as yet..

RA works fine as it is so no problem with roms/paths etc..

My command line is
%file -l pathtocores\corename %rom

I have messed around with quoted path extension, all possibilities... HELP thanks in advance  :banghead:

So i am launching from a bat file outside of Mala with this file

retroarch -L "pathtocore" -c "pathtocongig.cfg" "" works perfectly..

Firstly how do I call this from from mala?
2ndly can i change the romname to "%1" or something so i can write more code to put 1000's of roms in???

Thanks again...

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Re: MALA & Retroarch... HELP EDIT - Help with code Please
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2020, 11:51:16 am »
If you're still battling with this...

You put your command line (e.g. retroarch.exe -L "D:\RA\cores\puae_libretro.dll" "%path%\%rom%.%ext%" )
in the "command line" field in the Execution-tab as pictured below (where the "a2600 -cart .... " nonsense is, stole the pic from somewhere)

I use RA with Mala but I don't use separate config files, I just save the core / game overrides within RA if needed and they get auto loaded on start (I assume). Do you have a separate config file for each game or one config file for 100 games and another for another 100? Cause then you could make a separate 'other emu' for each config file within MaLa and type the path\config.cfg -straight into the Command line -field. And there was a game list workaround somewhere to combine several emus in one list, too. That's a very low-tech solution, but it could work...

Does that help?