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R90 Jukebox/WRF Wall Box questions


Old Guy:
Last fall I purchased a Rowe/AMI R90 Golden Jukebox.  Took me a little bit. and with help from this forum, I was successful at getting it up and running!  Wasnt as difficult as I had imagined but after replacing both woofers and learning how to program it sounds great.
Since that went so well, I ran across an AMI WRF Wall Box that Id like to add to the R90.  I just got it so Im in the process of sorting out where I am and what I need to know so that I can set a plan of action.  Here are my questions and if anyone can help Id really appreciate it.  Thanks ahead of time.
A) I cant seem to find either a printed or downloadable copy of the manuals for the WRF.  Can anyone give me a direction to look?
B) I have read my R90 manuals and found that only 3 specific accessories are listed for use with R90 and WRF combination (2-66989-05 Wall Box Adaptor Harness Kit (WRF), 4-06891-01 Auxiliary Power Supply for the WRF, and 0-05080-00 7-Conductor Cable [Either Belden No 8447 or Columbia No 4082]). Is this correct?  No stepper needed? 
C) If that is all I need (along with the manual, can anyone point me in the direction of where to locate the harness kit and the power supply? 
D) Can I use another 30 V power supply if I can match the 11.2 W and 0.41 A listed on the tag on the inside of the WRF?
E) Im assuming that the 7-conductor wire will be pretty straight forward to find.  Any specific gauge wire to use?

I really appreciate your help on this. 

Hi Old Guy,

Old topic I know, just wondering if you ever managed to track down any info on the WRF box?

I'm looking for info on the comms/pulse protocol used in these later boxes as I believe they do not use the electro-mechanical method of generating pulses.



It's my understanding the communication is RS-485, but what data it expects I have no idea, I tried to connect to the CD wallbox, and had no luck with that.


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