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Unable to bookmark a thread


The My Bookmarks section says:

  You don't have any bookmarks at the moment. Add one by clicking 'Add bookmark' in topics.

I want to bookmark a thread, but I see no such button.

It's next to the Reply button. Maybe your skin/theme doesn't have it.

The "SMF Default Theme - Curve" theme supports adding bookmarks.

Some of the other themes may also. (haven't checked)   :dunno

IIRC existing bookmarks are still available in themes that don't support adding bookmarks.

If you don't like the Curve theme for day-to-day browsing, temporarily change the theme to Curve to add a bookmark then change the theme back.

To change themes:
- Top of the page, click on "Profile"
- "Modify Profile -- Look and Layout"
- "Current Theme:" is at the top of the page, click on the "change" link.
- "SMF Default Theme - Curve" is the second option, click on the "Use this theme" link.


Changing the theme to "SMF Default Theme - Curve" was required.


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