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--- Quote from: phasermaniac on June 12, 2024, 03:31:20 pm ---Shadow of the ninja demo:
Amazing grahics. The best retro art I've seen

--- End quote ---

Is that a question or did you try with the demo?

It was a question because I tested the demo in another pc and did not remember.
But just cheked and yes, its 480x270

Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe

Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe

Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe


Update for Huntdown:

This one is complex. If you run it in a x1 window on a normal monitor, it will say 480x270

But I think it will crop itself to any resolution you throw at it, and it seems to scroll with the character to accommodate (sort of like Sonic Mania with the pixWidth setting)

So that means that the resolution listed in the first post isn't necessarily incorrect, it's just one of many resolutions this game can theoretically do.

I played it in 4:3 at 320x240.

Main menu text looked correct, and the game itself looked perfectly scaled. I did noticed the stage end screen had badly scaled text. So I'm not sure if there are any other things in the game that might get scaled, I'll be looking out for that.

I'm also experimenting with Special K for Latent Sync and Delay Bias to get near instant input latency. The game already has good latency but I thought why not improve it further. My best combo seems to be to disable flip-model (use legacy exclusive full screen) then use a 50% delay bias. I was getting a bit of tearing/stutter otherwise. This was just after 15 mins testing so YMMV

Looking for some help, I have switchres running using a bat file and everything seems to work correct, except it doesnt keep the resolution open long enough for the game to launch. I run the bat, switchres calculates the correct resolution, switches the resolution, but before the game can launch the resolution goes back to desktop then the game launches right after. My current bat looks like this after taking some examples out of this thread,

set fullpath=%~dp0
echo fullpath
C:\Users\Arcade\Desktop\Switchres\switchres.exe -s 400 224 60 -l C:\Users\Arcade\Desktop\Switchres\BattleAxe.lnk

Command prompt output attached.


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