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Party at Mike's February 29th

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Mike A:
Time to start up the parties again.

Saturday, February 29th

Party starts at 5pm.

Current working game lineup:

Asteroids Deluxe / Asteroids / Lunar Lander

Puck Man
Championship Sprint
Pole Position II
Time Pilot / Circus Charlie
MAME cab
Candy Cab / Rastan
Street Fighter II Champion Edition
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator

Sit down drivers:
STUN Runner
Rave Racer

I might have my 4 player cab up and running without the artwork. That would add Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa, The Simpsons, Trog, and Super High Impact football.

Free food and booze.

Come on out and have a good time.

If it was within a 2 hour drive you know Id be there.  But hey its only a couple of months till Zapcon

Mike A:
I am changing gears slightly for my party.

I communicated with paigeoliver.

My party is also going to be a fundraiser to help him out.

My games run on tokens, but they can take any coin that will fit in the slot.

I will have tokens available for free, but you can also feel free to dump real money in. All of it will go to help paigeoliver.

I am going to auction off some arcade stuff of mine.

Food and beer are still free. This is a party and nobody is obligated to donate. Nobody will know if you donated or how much you donated.

Please come out, have some fun, and help out one of our BYOAC brothers who is in an enormously difficult situation.

Mike A:
I chased down a Speech chip for my Star Trek cab. It is 100 percent operational now.

I am wiring a temporary CP for my unfinished 4 player cab. It will be playable by the time the party rolls around.

Come out and play 4 player Trog, or The Simpsons.

Bring a friend and kick their ass on my SF II machine.

Great that you made it a fundraiser, sounds awesome.

Nice to see these meetups and Zapcon trips all going on - I've barely been on the forum in 5 years or so... 

Sadly I live 4000 miles away or so, but hope it's a blast...


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