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Black screen and button layout issue, help needed please!

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So if I understand correctly, with the computer off you plugged in the PS/2 keyboard and then powered it on, and pressing the F1 key does nothing.   When it did work, do you remember what version of Windows it has?   Probably Windows XP.   Have you tried plugging in a USB keyboard in instead of the PS/2 type to see if F1 gets you past that Bios screen?

Thanks for the reply, i finally got it sorted a few days ago. It was a combination of dead battery since it hadn't been used for so long and then the first keyboard i bought not working. It didn't work initially with anything usb plugged in so i bought an old PS2 style one to use and that didn't work, a second one did the trick though.
The mapping of the buttons was definitely weird somehow but thanks to a youtube video i changed it and saved it so it's pretty much back to the way it was. It doesn't boot directly to the arcade like it used it do but that's a price i'm willing to take!

Thanks for the help.

Man, that's awesome!  :cheers:  Thanks for the update!


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