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DJ Tidalwave:
Back in the days of dos 6.2 I might have been able to do this.  I donít know how to do in Win 7, but do I make an auto exec bat or what?  As soon as windows starts I want it to launch tron.  I am building a 1 game cab and using make. I know in windows to enter a cmd command. Then cd .. then cd .. then cd mane. Them make64 tron to execute it but I have no clue how to automate it. Any help ?

make a shortcut of the make64 program on your desktop... right click and modify the target command to include any switches or file options (-s gamenam... etc)

doubleclick it and make sure it works properly.

plotz the shortcut into

C:\Users\<your computer's user name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

DJ Tidalwave:
Thank you SO much!!!!


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