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Dan Ferguson LSPA memorial - Hockley, TX - January 4, 2020


Dan Ferguson, lone member of the Lone Star Pinball Association and owner of over 400 pinball machines, passed away recently and his family is holding a memorial service:

Dan said he did not want a traditional funeral, just a get together at the LSPA Museum in Hockley.
So, to honor him, the family will be in Hockley and would love for you to pop in to celebrate with us the great life he lived, share a memory and play a game or two.
            When….. Sat, January 4, 2020
            Where….. 35222 Hempstead Hwy, Hockley 77447
            Time….. 12:42pm – 6:00pm
            Attire….. casual – wear a t-shirt that represents any of the many things Dan was in to
 (ex: Texaco, Pinball, Coca Cola, bowling, darts, SPAM, 42, Math or a red shirt as that was his favorite color)

Google stitched together this panoramic for me. 


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