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Does anyone know if there is a Mame forum where they discuss working on things like this? I would be willing to pay a Mame developer to work on it.

For those who have this working, does your network settings (Control panel > Network and internet > advanced settings >  Network connections >) for the two TAP connections (and therefore bridge connections) red xs this? My daughter clicked something when I was messing with it and I cant remember.

I get an unspecified error when bridging and tried reinstalling the TAP adapter so not sure if this is normal. I am revisiting running two Rushs on one pc using Nucleus Co-op (with xoutput or w360ce) which should in the theory allow me to play this on one pc with two monitors with two g29 wheels and solve the Mame input issue.

I removed the tap adapters using the bat file and started over and its working fine.

I forget if anyone tried this already but I tried using the Nvidia control panel and setting 640x480 57Hz custom resolution to see if maybe that would help but it still got a disconnect across PCs. Last I tried it one pc was working perfect but needs extra complicated setup to get 2 wheels etc.

There are a bunch of Mame vsync type settings and I tried a couple with no luck. Since California Speed is the same resolution and refresh rate according to the ADB database and network works fine, I am guessing it will unfortunately require a developer to fix the network code. I will put money down for anyone who wants to work on it. I tried messaging SailorSat to see interest but no response yet.


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