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Link play on San Francisco Rush & all vegas/seattle games

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Hmm. Somehow it started working.  I deleted the entries manually from the Device Manager including the drivers and then they installed correctly. Odd.  Thank you for the instructions.

I made some progress but still not dice.  The bridging worked.  When I go into MAME, I have one instance showing LAN and the other showing LAN2. I changed one instance to cabinet 2 (since there is no color option) however the 2049 games have no SN dip switch so I'm not sure if that's why they aren't communicating.  Rush The Rock doesn't have this dip switch either.

Are you running latest mame?

They are there for sure

Now I am! Thanks again.

Holy crap someone had guts to do this guide.

Anyway, the linking hardware on the Seattle and Vegas games aren't 100% so expect some bugs. Hyperdrive doesn't link at all (either the two instances won't talk to each other or game freezes at track select). I'm not really in the mood to have multiple MAME directories right now. An interesting test would be to link MAME to an actual machine. The procedure would be the same as linking to another pc except the second pc would be an actual Seattle/Vegas pcb.

I would like to see MAME make use of the GPU for these Voodoo games. My PC, running an i5 8600k @4.4 GHz can barely run Road Burners at full speed.


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