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Link play on San Francisco Rush & all vegas/seattle games

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Hey guys,

Has anyone achieved playing link play on MAME of these across multiple pcs?

I can get it working between 2 x mame running from 1 pc but my attempts over LAN never worked

Only games ive tried but all linked fine was San Francisco Rush, San Francisco Rush The Rock, San Francisco Rush 2049 & Vapor TRX

The old PC I used as player 2 died ages ago, so no more networking fun times for me anymore. Could use the Barcade for simple stuff, but it doesn't have a GPU so don't think it'd handle complex 3D MAME games

Mame doesn't really make use of the GPU unfortunately. It emulates the arcade gpu in software via the CPU. That's why you need an absolute monster processor to run even fairly simple-looking 3d games in mame. My I7 3930K 6-core 4.2ghz processor is barely enough to run Time Crisis in mame without the extreme overclocking setting while newer PC based 3d arcade games like Mario Kart DX in Teknoparrot run fine on my 10-year-old laptop.

I've never managed to link two PC's in mame either so I'd also like to know how it's done and which games it can be done with. It's well documented in other emulators but I assumed it wasn't an option in mame.

Sorry, link works fine across multiple pcs

I was trying to do it with pc and laptop (via wifi), it needs to be ethernet really as wifi was too high latency i guess

What is required to link the games on one PC? I can use this to unlock the last few paintjobs in Rush 2049 (on code 007007007).


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