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--- Quote from: MrThunderwing on January 04, 2020, 07:48:19 am ---I'm kind of surprised by the complete lack of interest this game seems to have generated in this particular subsection of the forum (as evidenced by the complete lack of replies in this thread). This game is like a direct throwback to the arcade racers of old and I was under the impression that there were a lot of folks here that are big fans of the old Midway games of this ilk, like Hydro Thunder and the Rush games.

Are people just getting a bit apathetic in general when it comes to Teknoparrot? I'm not suggesting that everytime an older arcade racing title like this gets cracked it instantly gets met with thunderous applause, but I thought a few more people would be pumped to finally be able to play this particular title at home  :o

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I was really looking forward to this game as well, but I honestly think Hydrothunder Hurricane is a better game, based on my limited play time with H2Overdrive so far. I'll play it some more when the sound issues are sorted out - the sound comes and goes on my PC for no reason that I can fathom.

The game I was really pumped about was Star Wars Battle Pod, which is terrific in my opinion. It's great playing it in a VR headset to get closer to the pod experience.


--- Quote from: DarthMarino on January 04, 2020, 11:16:32 am ---I love games like this so I should be super excited about TeknoParrot but there are just too many shady things about it. Chrome won't even let me get to the website at this point. I have an older version installed but a new game working in MAME will be in instant play for me while I'm kind of ignoring TP for the time being.

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The site certificate ran out and hasn't been re-done yet is all, you can just click Advanced then proceed to down the bottom in the meantime

I am a Teknoparrot developer so perhaps im pretty biased but most the "shady things" you hear is BS rumors without any actual base. I have access to the full TP Source and there isn't any dodgy code running to destroy mankind running there lol

Eventually the plan is to open source everything which has been happening for the past 12-18 months slowly as it is


I've been a big fan of TeknoParrot lately. But it wasn't always like that. When I first found out about it, it seemed every game required a special patch or some unique setting that you found wading through another website forum. But now with the latest releases, pretty much every racing game I've tried just works. H2Overdrive is fun and when the sound is 100% it will be that much better. The FFB, of course, is excellent.

With the latest jconfig sound and water are OK! On win 7 6abit


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