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Teknoparrot runs H2 Overdrive

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Thanks for the information.  I downloaded the latest and tried a few racing games.  Dirty Drivin' seems like dumb fun.  It runs perfectly aside from what appears to be a deadzone issue preventing you from picking some things on the menus though this seems like a known issue.


--- Quote from: xbrunox on January 05, 2020, 10:13:47 am ---With the latest jconfig sound and water are OK! On win 7 6abit

--- End quote ---

Awesome, thanks for the heads up on this. Got it working after getting back from work tonight. My X-axis (using a 360 pad) seems weirdly super oversensitive though, even if I try reducing it. I still managed to get a first place on both of the Expert tracks tonight in-spite of that though  8)
H2Overdrive - J-Config WORKING AUDIO(London Underground)

H2Overdrive - J-Config WORKING AUDIO (Down UnderDrive - Reverse)

Are they releasing Jurassic Park? I hear chatter about this but not sure if itís wishful thinking or they are working on a loader? After that I need Terminator Salvation Aliens Armageddon and Iím done collecting arcade PC for good.


--- Quote from: MotownC on January 05, 2020, 08:01:26 am ---I've been a big fan of TeknoParrot lately. But it wasn't always like that. When I first found out about it, it seemed every game required a special patch or some unique setting that you found wading through another website forum. But now with the latest releases, pretty much every racing game I've tried just works. H2Overdrive is fun and when the sound is 100% it will be that much better. The FFB, of course, is excellent.

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Yeah that was definitely my issue. Amazing emu, amazing work by the coders and the people supporting them, but the patching and config was only for the keen, and finding info was always a massive chore. There was no central source of information or patches.

I haven't updated in ages as i'm only using it for driving, and i'm on CRT, so running at 800x600@50i. This means i have to rotate the screen 90deg to see the whole configuration window, and given i was also using UJR things just get sooooo painstaking. I'm also limited by the the fact framerate is linked to vertical sync on Wangan and the Initial D games, which means i run those at 5/6th speed and so i normally don't bother - I'd love to get them running full speed, but i don't think that can be done, can it?

Anyone know if there are extra tracks in H2Overdrive? I've got it working properly now with the new Jconfig, which seems to have fixed the graphical issues as well as the sound. On the track selection it looks like there's space for an additional medium and hard track!


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