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Trying to build a Daytona USA 2 Deluxe Multi Racer cab :)

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So far the last 3 weeks I am working on my Daytona USA 2 Deluxe Multi Racer cab, I started on this project about 4-5 years ago but gave up after my daughter was born as real life took over :)

So as we all know the projection screens are pretty bad so I took it out and replaced it with a 800x600 short throw projector which really helped in this project as now I can just send VGA from my pc into the screen, and this projector even works fine with the original pcb as it supports the 496x384 vga that the Model 3 pcb sends. (from the outside you don't notice anything different about the screen unlike those 16/9 lcd/plasma mods)

So firstly I based my work on BigPanik page ( which without I wouldnt even have started this, so I use an Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 with firmware on it so I can use the 16u2 for the HID project usb gamepad ( my Arduino codes sends Mega2560 input code to the 16u2 at 250k bps serial with a start and end byte so I can add more bytes like the lights later on, I based the wiring on BigPanik thread (

So I made a C# program based on MAMEInterop SDK v1.3 (,62982.0.html) which I adjusted to being able to get Model3 Outputs and M2Emulator FFB codes, this way one program can collect all data and do things the way I want it to work, so I have some code in the program that checks if Outrun, Turbo Outrun or Outrunners is loaded and for these 3 I send custom FFB codes to the driveboard which works really well and more games can be added this way, all this is still very alpha though. It is handy to debug stuff with the two windows input/output and I added some buttons for the known FFB codes and also an input where you can test any HEX value to send to the drive board.

It can detect if M2emulator is running and it reacts accordingly what I still need is some kind of conversion table to convert Model 2 FFB to Model 3, for now, it just ignores all above 6F and all below 0x10 so it won't crash the driveboard and it does something but without the correct translations it won't be correct. (So not sure if SailorSat had these conversion tables already or not?)

So Daytona USA 2 Deluxe BOTE and PE work great, Scud race all versions also great, Sega Rally 2 does work but some FFB glitches, Emergency Call Ambulance and Dirt Devils work fine with the scud drive board in the rom and the Games.xml adjusted accordingly. Outrun, Turbo Outrun and Outrunners working well with my custom FFB command, I added Lemans24 today but I didn't test it yet.

I am using HyperSpin and Rocketlauncher to add all the stuff together and for now its 3 wheels, Mame, Model 2 and Model 3 in the final version I hope to merge all of them in one wheel.

I added some pictures below.

So if anyone can help with the FFB code conversion Model2->Model3 this would help a lot!

If you can read Basic Code...

See "TranslateDrive_M3"

Sega Rally (Model2) can be translated, Sega Rally 2 (Model3) won't work that well, because it tries to read back data from the drive board.

Ok good, thanks!

I already started myself and I had the basics working the roll left and roll right and some vibration coming from the m2emulator, but this should help for sure.

and I must say that I can play all Daytona versions, indy 500, stcc and overrev all with peeking at the same address, only sega rally is a pain.

Lemans 24 and also the same for Dirt Devils on Supermodel perfect feedback on my cabinet! Sega Rally 2 kinda works sometimes it feels good and other times not really, so could be the reading back as you say, should be possible to add though?

I just added some code to lock and unlock the car now when you start and exit a game so that the car is always unlocked when starting emulation and locks again when exiting a game, will build more on this init routines for sure.

Its good that I have this one program that includes M2, Mame, and Supermodel, will let it start automatically from Hyperspin I think, Hyperspin now working very well with the 3 emulators in place, starting to look good!

Thanks a lot SailorSat, the translation really helped for Daytona and Sega Rally 1 and 2!

So I also added powerdrift wheel reactions on hit, a bit the same like on OutRun.

I am really happy with the OutRun 2 Coast to Coast force feedback, this game is great and thanks to the hack from Howard_Casto, I have Xforce connected to wheel centering and added hit wheel force when crashing left and right, also I added a rumble feature so the wheel vibrates when driving offroad and also depending on terrain.

So now my program can detect the following, Mame (OutRun, Turbo OutRun, Outrunners, Power Drift, Virtua Racing), Model 2 Emulator (All Daytona versions, OverRev, Sega Rally, Sega Rally Pro Drivin, Indy 500, STCC) , Super Model Emulator (Daytona 2, Daytona 2 Power Edition, Emergency Call Ambulance, Dirt Devils, Harley, Lemans 24, all Scud version, Sega Rally 2) and Daytona 2 Coast to Coast.

Hi Pls can u share how u have implemented FFB in mame games? For now I know only Boomslangz FFB plugin. But it work only for other games and for specific mame version.


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