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Golden Tee Fore Complete - how to debug bad memory / DRAM?


I'm hoping that someone can help me understand how to resolve my Golden Tee Fore - Complete problem.  I have a machine that worked great for a couple years and just this week i turned it on and it doesn't boot.  I've done some serious research here and elsewhere on the web and have made my way all they way down to the boot up codes on status 1 flashing 6 times.  According to the Eagle Board Trouble codes and trouble shooting guides that Tom-94 and lilshawn have posted the 6 flashes on status 1 indicates bad DRAM on U16-U19 or possibly bad U11 or U14.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to test for these chips to find out which, if any are bad and I'm pretty worried about being able to replace them also. 

I have a green board with Eagle 2.09, and the G4C-US-U security chip.  To me, it seems very relevant that the machine was not moved from the time it last worked and its current state (all in my basement).  I don't suspect that much has shifted, flexed, or otherwise been physically damaged.

Also, I'm a little unclear here about whether or not i could get a used green board and add my eagle, security chip, and hard drive and be up and running again.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks for reading!

Bump... Have the same problem with a red board.   Have a Green G4C that is working.

for future reference,

if you have a red/green board that has failed and you wish to swap your game over to a new board, you will have to not only swap your eagle bootrom (if it's not the same version as your current one but ideally you'd want the latest version 2.09 anyway) and the security chip (the G4C-US-U or whatever you have version chip) ... you will also have to remove and swap U61 (a surface mounted SOIC-8 chip) off your current board and solder it onto the new board, as there is data bound to your game and security key stored there.

just swapping the bootrom, security key and the games harddrive won't make it work.

on the good side, you can purchase ANY IT games board, ANY color, regardless of the original game, and swap the bootrom/security key/u61 IC's off your broken board onto the new board and be good to go.

on the bad side... you will require a hot air rework station to remove and install the U61 without destroying it or the board. the traces are incredibly fine and if you heat it up too much when you pull the chip up, it'll pull them right off with it. if you don't have a rework station, call around to some videogame repair places (playstations, xboxes etc.) and see if they have one and could do it for you. you DON'T want to mess it up by going ham with your daddy's 500 watt weller... you'll end up with 2 dead boards.


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