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Deck Protector Holes Too Big


I was thinking. Since the deck protector has holes too big for the buttons, allowing dust and stuff to get in the space, would it be possible to use something similar to the dust covers for joysticks to cover up the extra size of the holes and screw the buttons into that ?

Happ and a few other places used to sell button labels eons ago.  They were clear plastic washers that went under the button and had a clear tab with text printed on it (A, B, START, ECT).  If the gap isn't super big those might work.  I don't have a clue if they still sell them or what they are called to search unfortunately. 

Of course the other option is just to go to lowes/home depot and get some plexi. 

I didn't see this post here initially, because, sub-forums don't usually get love. Sorry. I responded to your main post and saw it was moved.


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