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Dear JayBee, I have made a donation, in the name of Martina Land, can you send me a private message? I don't have the option.
Thank you very much!

Hi all, I am trying to get a Wii IR camera to work with either a Teensy 2.0 or the Arduino Micro, but no luck so far.  I have followed JB's instructions and have been able to get all buttons, LED colours, rumble and solenoid working using the test app.  However the camera does not pick anything up either in the test screen or the calibration screen.

I have tried trouble shooting by doing the following:

Reflash the teensy board (done)
Tested continuity and all connections (done)
Try different teensy board (done)
Try an arduino micro board (done)
Try a different pullup resistor value (33K and 2K7) on the camera module. - done
Try a different camera module –pulled out of another Wiimote - done
Try another 3.3v supply to the camera in case there is not enough amps from the controller– done used a bench power supply
Try different LEDs - done, I even rigged up two Wii sensor bars in case the LEDs are dodgy or the wrong wavelength
Try on a different windows computer – done on windows 10 and windows 7
Tested the output of the crystal is 24Mhz – tested using oscilloscope ok

I am wondering if the SDA and SCL on the teensy/micro need a 5v communication signal but the camera module only communicates using 3.3V? I have checked the output of the SDA and SCL without the camera connected with an oscilloscope and it is showing a peak to peak of 5.2V, but the camera only has 3.3 V.

Has anyone else been able to get a Wii camera to work as shown in the (attached) diagram?  Or should there be a I2C bus voltage converter shield in between?


Hi guys, dry question for experts .... in the absence of the damned unobtainable SEN0158 .... If the WII camIR with adequate connection is used, and fully functional, it works 100% identical to the system with SEN0158 or there are differences ??? , and if so which ones (malfunctions, incompatibilities with the software etc ...) ???

thanks x 10000 !!!

From what I understand there is no difference. You just need an IR sensor that can identify 4 unique IR sources, which the Wii has.

The link I provided above gives an estimated new stock 10/31 if you wanted to try your luck. That might not be accurate at all, or maybe it is who knows  :banghead:

Found this Chinese supplier for the Camera, is this the right part?


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