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Dear how can i donate you it says you cannot donate from this country please help ??? :'( :'(

Hi, I’m really interested in gun4IR but I’m wondering if somewhere there’s a guide or post that goes in more detail with how to setup a wireless solution for gun4iR?  I’m trying to figure out the best Bluetooth solution and how to wire up a rechargeable battery but I haven’t really worked with Arduino before so I’m not really sure where to start.


The Samco board pinout and mine are different, it won't work.
But I'll sell drop in kits soon for the gcon1/2 if you are interested.

Any update on this?
Wanna get yours or Samco, but pref Gun4ir, but the PCB is break or make kind of.
Great work!

Is this a workable alternate to the DFrobot IR camera?  They claim it will be back in stock very soon.....

Edit:  I may have answered my own questions, looking at some of the data sheets, it appears to have DFR in the part numbers, so it is likely a DFrobot camera.

Has anyone used these IR leds.....if so, how are you powering them? I am pretty sure they require more power draw than a USB port typically puts out.



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