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--- Quote from: samco on October 02, 2019, 05:57:54 am ---Nice work JayBee, can't wait to check out your code.

I was wondering is the reason you mentioned you have to stand in front of the screen to fie because of the tight angle of the leds? Just because I've looked around and found some wide angle leds on AliExpress they don't have UV coating on them so wouldn't suggest for everyday unless you want to mount them behind a UV filter (or even better eventually find some that already have it like the Adafruit ones). But these increase the viewing angle massively.

--- End quote ---
Actually this time I'm not sure I will share the source code yet, for ease of use, update and prevent any problem.
Instead I was thinking of providing two things: a sketch that will write to the Arduino EEPROM all your custom settings you need, like pin numbers, screen res and all, and bin files, one for each Arduino type. Like this you just need save your settings once, no need to modify the sketch again every time I update it  :)

Yes, I mentioned at the same time for led angle, and because the system doesn't work that well if you are too much up or down (works fine from left and right).
I actually bought 200mW/Sr LEDs with 30degrees angle, they work quite nicely so far, but don't have UV filter or coating. What's the risks without UV filter? I have a limited knowledge on the matter.

Sweet, sounds good man.

Unfortunately I don't know too much about UV filters either apart from a few Google searches. Mainly just didn't want to suggest a solution that was potentially unsafe which seems to be the general consensus from the little research I've done.

Quick news, now the code is fully functional and very stable for full use. More infos, videos and code coming soon, stay tuned  ;)

Very cool.  Great to see more options coming out.  :applaud:

cant wait to hear more! amazing.


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