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No problem, I'll buy a new board or ditch the DPad.

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I'd simply ditch the rgb led.

I installed it when building mine, and find it distractful. Might simply disconnect it. I know it's a preference thing but I'd rather have more inputs than the blinking LEDs. That said, I don't "change mode" ever with this system, those who do may want status output.

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Yeah I always put mine in a non direct lighting configuration, and reduce the power a lot, to just see them but not be distracted by them.

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Daniel B.:
I'm not seeing the option to buy the license and stuff on the website. What is the best way to do so? Does it also include a BOM or do I need to sort through this thread?

Can't wait! Looks amazing!

Edit- I read the first post, thanks!

Daniel B.:
I've completed the donation! I look forward to receiving the information!

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of designing an arcade cab, with the build stage hopefully starting soon, and want to integrate the Gun4IR LEDs into it. I have a few questions I would really appreciate some guidance with. I searched this long thread plus read the Gun4IR manual but didn't find the same questions but apologies if this has already been explained.

* Will it be an issue that the panel is tilted backwards about 12 degrees rather than being exactly vertical? That's just the way the cabinet design is. Should I try to mount the LEDs to point exactly horizontally at the player or just perpendicular to the display will be fine?
* Does it make much difference to have the LEDs mounted in a small triangle pattern vs a straight line? I've seen examples of both but not sure if either is preferable. Is there any recommendation on the distance between the LEDs in the clusters?
* I will probably be standing 1-2m from a 32" screen but my guns only have Fish Eye lenses. Would I be better suited with Wide Angle lenses? If so, is there a recommended place to get them from?Thanks!


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