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Once donated how do i get the GUN4IR Setup program?

Hello everyone! Has anyone set up the system with a projector? What leds and lenses do I use to make it work?


--- Quote from: JayBee on August 03, 2021, 11:41:41 pm ---
--- Quote from: TimeCrisis on August 03, 2021, 09:57:31 pm ---is there anyway to make Gun4IR work with 2 screens, 1 for 4:3, the other for 16:9.

for example time crisis 2 goes to 4:3, time crisis 5 goes to 16:9 screen, pc is hooked up to both.

maybe a 2nd set of LEDs?

im not interested in just 1 monitor for both aspet ratios, pillarboxing 4:3 into 16:9, i don't like grey-light leakage.

--- End quote ---
It is possible if only one 4 LEDs system is active at a time, or else it's impossible for the cam to know what is what.
And you need to activate only one screen at a time as well if you don't want any issue.
But please if you need more support, join the discord server, it's way easier to help users from there. And it also has tons of resources if needed.

--- End quote ---

are you sure if you unplug 1 LED set for 1024x768 then plug in another for 1920x1080 that it will just work automatically, will you not need to re-set the values.

maybe you can have 2 instances of the softfware up and running?, would I not need to switch instances?

would you consider built in support for 2xLED's sets in the software, maybe a bulit in switch for the LED's at an extra cost.

I think it's important to have 2 screens, no pillarboxing 4:3 content with small image, would need to move in and out for 4:3 then 16:9.

i this is not possible looks like i will need 2x PC's, 2x guns, 2x LED set's to have 2 different monitors, 1 4:3, another 16:9.

Hi i am new in the forum. I need some help to activate my account with my email. I made a donation with my another email from hotmail. But i can't activate my account here on the forum because, i don't receive any email of verification process. Its looks like a problem with hotmail domain. So i create a new account here with my gmail, this is working fine.
My concern its how i am going to receive the files for gun4ir files?
Could you send to my gmail address?

bonjour comment avoir le software please


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