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Mike A:
Easily my favorite Disney movie.

Mike A:
The day after the party we got Championship Sprint running by opening the back door and closing it again.  ??? It still will restart repeatedly for a minute, but then it settles down. We adjusted the monitor settings while we had it opened up. The horizontal width still needs to be adjusted a bit.

The anycoin mechs are working out great so I ordered enough for all of my machines. Then I can start using my tokens.

The monitor we put in the street fighter cab has a broken brightness pot. It is really dark, but if you apply pressure to the pot it is nice and bright. I threw a clamp on it for now. Problem solved. I ordered a new pot yesterday.

I really can't say strongly enough how great this weekend was for me. Arroyo was a great house guest. My friends like him and my kids like him. My cat Remus likes him. My 4 Koi like him.

My cat Kenzie hates him, but she will tolerate him if he has treats. She is a dirty, dirty whore.


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