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Mike A:
I plan on adding extensive thoughts here about this weekend.

Arroyo, feel free to comment here as well.

Good times!  Pizza was off the hook:

Game room is tits:

Check out the watermark in the video.

I wish people liked me well enough to build this:

Besides just partying, I learned a ton on this trip.  Never had adjusted much on a monitor, coin mechs, Jamma connections, or swap PCB’s prior to the visit.  In less than two days we swapped a new monitor into the Street Fighter 1 cab, and the picture is incredible:

Tough to photograph but it looks, really, really good.

We adjusted a rolling picture on Pleiades, adjusted focus, brightness, and position.  We did similar on the Defender cab, and the Candy cab.  We degaussed the screen as there was some off color (first time for both of us).

Installed any coin mechs in 3 machines, and rewired the street fighter to add the kick buttons (Mike informed me that this is why the wires that lead to the separate connections from the Jamma edge connector on the PCB is called a “kick harness”.....go figure.

Had a great time.  Good people, good food, and good gamin, can’t ask for more.

Mike A:
Arroyo is the man.

He flew 2000 mile to hang out.

He was a great guest. He was always helpful. Especially when it came time to drink my beer and my bourbon.

He brought me a kick ass bottle of bourbon I have never tried before.

Arroyo is much more organized in his method than I am. We had to build a new shelf for the Street Fighter cab and his insistence on measuring carefully saved us a lot of work.

He also has a more critical eye for how the monitor output should look. After he leaves today I am going to fine tune the rest of my games.

Arroyo is just all around a good dude. He blended in with my local friends instantly.

It was cool to have someone around who has a similar enthusiasm for keeping these old money pits alive.

All of that being said, I am at work right now and he is probably rummaging through my underwear drawer.

Nice room and nice update!   :applaud:


--- Quote from: Mike A on September 16, 2019, 10:16:29 am ---Arroyo is the man.

All of that being said, I am at work right now and he is probably rummaging through my underwear drawer.

--- End quote ---

Rummaging, no. Sniffing, probably.


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