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So I have been sitting on some projects forever, I finally am getting one off the ground and have long had my eye on the Electric Ice buttons from Randy.

I can not find another concave opaque button like this on the market.

My intent was to buy a button with each switch type to evaluate before placing a larger order.
Unfortunately it appears this is the last batch and I don't think I have time to place 2 orders.  :cry:

The switches are cheaper if you buy them when buying the buttons, rather than separately.

I could only find 1 review thread on the switches and it left me still wondering which was the best.
So I need everyone help on deciding which switches I should order.

The standard soft touches sound plenty good enough but wondering if the micro leaf or true leaf are worthy upgrades.

The type of games you play will usually help to decide on the buttons.  If you are a fighter type of game player then go with the micros but if you are a classics player (Donkey kong, popeye, galaga, space invaders etc) then go with the true leaf.

more of the late 80s and on ward, not much of the real classics other than burger time and galaga

I remember hearing a lot of people complain about games like 88 games and not being able to hit track times on micro's

wonder if the micro leafs are worth it over the soft touch?


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