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I received a laserdisc rom collection from online.  They came on 4 discs.  I uploaded all files and drug them over to the “put MAME ROMs here” desktop file.  I launched Maximus arcade, went to config screen, picked daphne as emulator, forced a rescan of all files, closed that window and waited.  Maximus started up, but no daphne games when I click on the emulator(except for dragons lair 1, which came pre-loaded from x-arcade).

If anyone can point me to a walkthrough or tutorial to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.



Mr. Peabody:
There isn't, as no front end natively handles Daphne. Daphne uses framefiles, within certain file locations, and these have to be passed on to the front end, typically using batch files.

portugese pirate:
only way i have gotten it to work was with daphneloader.exe off the web

I use MA since years and I always set up the Daphne emulator (of which I was a part of the Team, for Italy/Europe) with batch files only.
Many of the LaserDiscGames have many variations (as in the case of Dragon's Lair in the US F2, Enhancements, Prototype, Euro or Italian versions) and only in this way they can be placed in the playable list.
Obviously I also edited the fonts and the background and foreground screens to make the "Batch files" menu configured as Daphne.
The list also includes batch files to start the only two laserdiscgames well emulated by Mame: Cube Quest and, above all, the splendid FireFox.

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