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Re: Sam's Club Selling Cocktail Arcade game this Black Friday!

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Well, I'm not sure if it will be on black friday or not,
but here you go again:

This time its the arcade1up cocktail table:

Interestingly, the SAMS club exclusive has 2 less games, but includes 2 stools with it.

So you only get the 6 pac games.

"Additionally, Arcade1Up will deliver a new version of a gaming experience that should be familiar to anyone who had a chance to eat at a Pizza Hut in the mid-1980s: the Namco Head-to-Head Pac-Man table. A 3/4-scale version of the tabletop staple that was made famous in the fast-casual pizza emporiums, the basic edition will feature Pac-Man, Pac-Land, Dig-Dig, and Galaga, alongside other Pac-related titles, in a self-contained table. The built-in screen flips side to side for genuine two-player action. A Samís Club exclusive will feature six titles and a pair of matching stools. The company will also issue a Capcom Head-to-Head Street Fighter table this fall. "

It's $499 at gamestop, so maybe this one will be $599, not sure.

Also, posted in the Arcade 1up forum, but figured someone here might have interest in it.,160831.0.html


Walmart has both cocktails on preorder now,
including the 'never been on cocktail' Street Fighter 2 12-1:


Yes because after 5 YEARS people still remember this thread.  Come on man, don't use loopholes to shill your a1up stuff in the main forum. 

D'oh!  Missed that earlier.   :embarassed:

Thanks for the reminder, Howard.   :cheers:


Thanks for moving this to the appropriate section.  It's annoying to see these posts pollute the rest of the forum.


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