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Replacement spinner for Asteroids cabinet from Arcade 1up


They have announced wider availability for the new spinner for the cabinet:


Have intense Tempest maneuvers worn down your spinner? Play like new by swapping out your spinner! We offer quality spinners for you to purchase to keep you playing your best game!


-Free spinning weighted flywheel

-High-Resolution Optical Sensor / Multiple pulses per revolution

-Dual sealed ball-bearing


Spinner can be used with:


Asteroids Deluxe 6 in 1



--- Quote ---$18.49

--- End quote ---

+ $12 shipping making it $30.49 - for a plastic cased spinner with no settings for adjusting the sensitivity -- IMHO much better off spending the extra $20 and getting the GRS Aluminum body spinner for $49.99 shipped.  :cheers:


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