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Mike A:
Okay boys and girl(s)?

This is the big one for 2019

September 14th is the date for my 45th birthday party.

I am not sure what is on the menu yet.

New for this party will be a SF II CE tournament.

First prize is fifty bucks and a plaque with your name on it.

I will also hang a plaque in Alpha Centuri with your name and the date on it.

No more excuses. This is your shot at glory and immortality. Get your asses out here.

Well I cant come but happy cake day in advance ya old gitt ;)


Mike A:
Mikeapalooza has just been elevated to hootenanny status.

A forum member has finally gathered up the intestinal fortitude to commit to the party.

You locals should all hang your heads in shame. He is making the 1800+ mile trek from the West Coast.

Damn is it that far?  :o

Wouldn't miss it Mikey.    :gobama

Now to figure out how many games I have to play to get my cost down to $0.25/play. ;)


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