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Teenage mutant ninja turtles - no preorders, available in october at walmart




now is a good time to update this.

$349 with riser

there is a placeholder to order it here:


I watched some YouTube reviews on it. In particular, this guy compares it to his full-sized TMNT cabinet:

It does look like a cabinet that would be good for someone that doesn't have the want a full-sized cabinet or the skills / time to make their own. If this had come out in the late 90s, I probably would have tried to get one.

As it stands now, I built my own small TMNT cab a couple years ago (see signature), complete with real arcade PCB and arcade CRT, and looks as close to the shape of the original as I could. So this product is not for me. Although mine took over 4 months to build and cost well over $1000 to make, so take that into account.

Also, they changed the intro music in the first game (the went over that in the video I linked to), and that would have annoyed me. Don't know if the intro for Turtles In Time was changed.


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